Fowler is able to bring a team of experienced personnel to your next airport construction project. We see it through takeoff and landing to ensure a turbulence free journey.

Our airport constructionservices include:

  • Site servicing
  • Earthworks
  • Underground
  • Runway paving & resurfacing 

By streamlining the process and bringing our value engineering approach to the task at hand, we strip away inefficiencies and reduce the project to its most important core elements.

Doing business in our communities for as long as we have means our relationships in the construction industry are strong and extensive, allowing us to draw upon resources that will keep plans moving forward and make all your design and build dreams come true.


For decades, we’ve been a go-to company for municipalities throughout Ontario that need either routine or customized summer and winter road maintenance programs.  Our fleet of vehicles and experienced operators take care of asphalt repair,snow removal and salting/sanding operations. 


Railways are one of the oldest form of transportation, and still consistently used in Northern Ontario.  Fowler has been involved in many railway projects over the years, doing everything from emergency cleanups to full scale rock excavation & earth works.  We are always here to get projects back on track.


Our track record in major earthworks make us a go-to for underground pipe work for developers and municipal authorities to ensure there are no kinks or clogs in the process.  Our drainage and sewer installation services include:

  • Deep sewer projects
  • Water mains and underground pipe laying
  • Subdivision water and sewer installation
  • Culvert construction and rehabilitation
  • Wastewater drains and septic systems

Aside from cold drink on the dock, or steak on the BBQ, Muskoka is known for it’s waterways. From dams to reservoirs and lagoons to lakes – we are experienced and ready to dive into your next H20 related project.