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Our resources are recognized as some of the finest around! From mulch to topsoil, limestone, sand to granite, we’ve got all your natural needs covered with over 5,000 acres of nature’s best aggregate.

Dilligent quality control measures are a part of every Fowler project. In our CCIL certified lab, qualified and trained personnel ensure that our products meet or exceed industry specifications and produce exceptional results.

As long-standing members of the Ontario Stone, Sand & Gravel Association, you know that when you choose Fowler, you’re dealing with the very best.

  1. Soil & Mulch
  2. Sand & Gravel
  3. Granite & Limestone
  4. Landscaping Products
  5. Premium Asphalt & Concrete Aggregate
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Soil & Mulch

Our top-quality mulch + rich topsoil = Great growth and beautiful aesthetics for your lawn and garden.

Drop by any of our locations  and pick up as much or as little as you need, or we can deliver directly to your home or cottage within 24 hours, guaranteed.

Available Products:

  • Triple mix for gardens
  • Screened topsoil
  • Mulch
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Sand & Gravel

Sand and gravel are vital elements for the long-term success of any project. From building walkways to simply leveling off a low spot, each material has its own special properties.

Available Products

  • Beach sand
  • Sandbox sand
  • Drainage sand
  • Granular A gravel
  • Granular B gravel
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Granite & Limestone

Like all the aggregate we sell, our granite and limestone come directly from our own Fowler quarries ensuring that you’re getting the best product straight from the source – at wholesale prices no less.

You can visit any of our quarry locations to select exactly what you’re looking for. If you can’t make it to us, we’ll come to you! The Fowler team can visit your site to offer the same great no-cost, no-obligation advice that we’re known for.

Available Products:

  • Crusher Run and 3″ Crusher Run
  • Granite Screenings
  • Gabion
  • Landscaping Products
  • Armour stone
  • River rock
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Landscaping Products

We offer a wide range of landscaping products in all sizes for all types of projects. At Fowler you only pay for what you need; there is no minimum amount to purchase.

Available Products:

  • Armour stone
  • River rock
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Premium Asphalt & Concrete Aggregate

With dozens of sources throughout Parry Sound, Muskoka & Haliburton we have an ample supply of premium aggregates for your Asphalt,Concrete or Precast Plant needs.  From washed concrete sand & stone to Superpave coarse and fine aggregates for MTO projects – we’ve got your back!

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We are the largest hot-mix asphalt producer in the Parry Sound, Muskoka and Haliburton region. We always use premium aggregates from our own quarries, just one of the many business advantages enjoyed by our customers.

For nearly 70 years we have successfully designed and produced asphalt for wide array of private and public projects.  From our asphalt plants in Bracebridge, Huntsville and Parry Sound, we service a large area throughout Ontario with product that is of the highest quality. Ourin-house testing lab is CCIL type A-certified and our staff members are fully trained experts on mix designs and quality assurance testing.

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Do It Yourself

The next time you’ve got a DIY landscape project for your home or cottage – you can count on Fowler for whatever materials you need.

Why pay retail when you can buy directly from the source? Whether you need a truck load or a trailer-full, you can find us nearby at locations throughout the Parry Sound, Muskoka and Haliburton regions. Can’t make it to us? Then we’ll come to you. We deliver our top quality product right to your site within 24 hours, guaranteed.

You can contact us  by phone or email or use our convenient online ordering system to let us know what you need.

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